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About Word Counter

Word Counter is SEO tool that offers the correct word and character count. Word count is an important step in number of activities involved in content writing such as blogging, playwriting, social media content writing activities, essay writing and many more.

Counting words of your content is honestly very difficult task when it comes manually in prolonged document. So it will always be desirable to use some word counting online that will perform this job for you. Luckily, UltraSEOTools accomplishes job of word counting for you by offering its Word Counter tool.

It is important to note that there is no precise enchanted figure or allocation that will rise your chance of rating on the front page of search engine results. There’s a identical communal misunderstanding that a valuable article must be short in length in terms of words and characters, though, that’s false myth. Indeed, less can demonstrate more appreciated. Writing web content comes in class of technical writing; so content write should not demonstrate its material in 1000 words if it can be demonstrated in 500 words. Ultimately, content writer can utilize online Word Counter in order to count the words and characters to keep intact the essence of content. 



You can observe many word count tools on Internet that fulfil the objective of word count but believe that Word Counter provided by UltraSEOTools is best in the market. It is exclusive because it's user friendly. Furthermore, our Word Counter is totally free while market is abundant with SEO tools providers that charge you for word counting. 



You can use this tool by following given steps

  • Click Home button on and click on Word Counter icon that will lead you to the facility.
  • Copy the content and paste in blank box that says “Enter your text/paragraph here:”
  • Press Count Words button. Consequently, you will have your result in form of Total Words and Total Characters.