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About Server Status Checker

Server Status Checker is very important SEO tool that actually discloses server status along with much more beneficial information. It is a precisely beneficial SEO tool which every webmaster must employ at consistent breaks to hold them well-run on server status of associated website.


UltraSEOTools provides Server Status Checker that is absolutely free. Our Server Status Checker is very easy to use. All you need is to insert URLs (upto 100 URLs) and press Submit button. Consequently, Sever Status Checker delivers you following information

  • URL Name
  • HTTP Code
  • Response Time
  • Status

Status can be Online or Offline. If it’s Online then everything is alright with your server. However, you must be anxious at result being displayed as Offline. In this case, you will face problems in reaching out your server and visitors would not be able to browse your website. HTTP Code field displays different codes that have different meanings. These codes are depicted below:

  • 200: It shows the status relevant website is ok and the server is returning the requested URL.
  • 301: It shows that the website address has changed permanently and new address has been proposed.
  • 302: It pops up when temporary redirection is traced out by the server.
  • 307: it is alike to 302.
  • 400: It refers to bad request, as server is not comprehending the requested URL.
  • 401: It refers to unauthorized access. 
  • 403: It pops up when server forbids you from accessing website content until you come through authentication.
  • 404: It refers to not found. Consequently, you will not get any result from the server.
  • 410: It refers to same problem depicted in 404.
  • 500: It refers to Internal Server Error.



You can use Server Status Checker of UltraSEOTools by following given steps:

  • Click Home button on and click on Server Status Checker icon that will lead you to facility.
  • Paste URL(s) in text box and press Submit button.