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About Mozrank Checker

MozRank is one of the most widespread and reliable metrics if somebody proposes to quantify the authority of a website (domain) or web page. MozRank is founded by Moz. Moz is famous company which specializes in tools of search engine optimization. 

MozRank of web pages is grounded on the analogous web pages that are connected to them and the MozRank of those pages with links. It also implies that if the MozRank of the linking pages is up, there is higher probability that the MozRank of the receiving page of those links will also be up.

MozRank signifies a link reputation score. MozRank echoes the significance of underlying webpage on the Internet. Web pages are acquiring higher MozRank by linking themselves to one another. But quality and quantity of those links must be ensured. The gauge of MozRank starts from 0.00 (nil value) to 9.99 (high value). Remember that backlinks quality reflects greater influence on MozRank.  



UltraSEOTools provides MozRank Checker that is absolutely free. This tool employs a exceptional algorithm that examines the links of a specific site and scores it.

Our MozRank Checker is easy to use and user friendly. All you need is to enter URL into text box and press Submit button. This tool will analyse your domain in right of MozRank and displays following information:

  • Domain Name i.e.
  • Moz Rank i.e. 6.96
  • Page Authority Score i.e. 72.17
  • Domain Authority Score i.e. 66.35



You can use MozRank Checker of by following given steps

  • Click Home button on and click on MozRank Checker icon that will lead you to the facility.
  • Enter URL into text box and press Submit button. You will have your result after few whiles.