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About PageRank Checker

PageRank Checker can help you to check your all website Url PageRank. For any Webmaster, it is imperative to understand the position of associated web pages employing a classic PageRank Checker or PR checker so that webpage can be kept improving. You can achieve this by simply enjoying the services of our PageRank Checker. Page ranking is very important criteria in determining the rank of your webpages on different search engines. Nowadays, Google page rank is usually taken into account. PageRank Checker is SEO tool that webmasters can employ to find out the importance of webpages.  Moreover, whenever somebody is determining page rank by employing PageRank Checker, be sure that Google takes into attention many aspects. The utmost essential being the eminence of the internal links or incoming links of a website which implies that one can improve PageRank (PR) by acquiring more quality links.

Page Rank (named after Larry Page) is a link analysis algorithm employed by Google. It processes number of links connected to a webpage or website. Furthermore, PR algorithm checks importance of the online websites that delivers those links. The algorithm involves a numerical measure, with 0 being the least important and 10 being the most important.


UltraSEOTools provides Page Rank Checker that is absolutely free. It is easy to use and user friendly. You can check PR upto 100 URLs in one click.  Nowadays, market is abundant with PR Checkers whereas many of them are paid facility and many are based on poor standards. PageRank Checker of UltraSEOTools mainly emphases on Google ranking of associated page ranks. 



You can use this tool by following given steps

  • Click Home button on and click on Page Rank Checker icon that will lead you to the facility.
  • Paste proposed URLs into blank box. You can enter upto 100 URLs but it is important to note that every URL must reside on separate line.
  • Press button that says “Get Page Ranks”. Consequently, you will have relevant results in tabular form.