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About Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker to determine the age of your domain. One of the main factors search engines employ to rank a domain is the age of the domain. You can use Domain Age Checker to find out the domain age of your competitors. Mature domains may get a slim superiority in rankings over immature domains. The Domain Age Checker also lets you know when Wayback Machine initially found it. 


Domain age is a key feature that is employed by search engines to rank domains. Age of domain gets its credibility in ranking when first it setups its site. In other words, the website becomes operation and it is indexed by different search engines like Google and Bing. On other hand, if a website gets registered few years ago and gets operational recently then it will be treated as new website.  

SEOs after assessing how Google catalogues and positions websites have resolved that previous website will contest well for positioning than a new website. Regularly numbers of websites emerge on the Internet. Some vanish soon but others remain. So it becomes necessarily for search engines to consider domain age as key factor for ranking websites otherwise search engines will start keeping older and fresh domains in one line; cataloguing  them in illegitimate fashion that will consequently shake the trust of customers on search engines domain rankings. 


We at UltraSEOTools hunger to assist our customers in identifying the age of your domain. Therefore, UltraSEOTools developed an exceptional tool which is called Domain Age Checker to assist webmasters identify age of domain that eventually assists in SEO.  Our tool is easy to use and user friendly.


You can use Domain Age Checker of UltraSEOTools by following given steps

  • Click Home button on and click on Domain Age Checker icon that will lead you to the facility.
  • Enter URL in text box and press Get Domain Age button. Our DomainAge Checker will display following information about entered domain:

           Domain Name

           Domain Age in terms of years and days

           Domain created date

           Domain updated date

           Domain expiry date