Dmoz Listing Checker

Enter up to 100 URLs (Each URL must be on separate line)

About Dmoz Listing Checker

DMOZ Listing Checker shows you the DMOZ listing of your domain or website. DMOZ is the biggest directory which was made by AOL. Search Engines constantly favour those websites that are registered in DMOZ. Consequently, these websites are placed higher in results of search engines. It is important for webmasters to get their website registered with DMOZ absolutely free but you have to wait for their approval.


UltraSEOTools provides DMOZ Listing Checker which is absolutely free. Our developers have contributed exceptional characteristics to DMOZ Listing Checker so that you can rapidly determine whether a specific website is registered in the DMOZ directory or not.

The astonishing feature about our DMOZ Listing Checker is that our tool spends no time to produce the results and you can conduct a volume check as well. UltraSEOTools has fastened this process of checking DMOZ listing by yielding the capability of checking upto 100 URLs simultaneously.   

This tool is easy to use and user friendly. All you have to do is to enter your URL in text box and click Submit button. The result will be displayed in tabular form showing entered domain name and status of DMOZ registration whether your URL is registered or not. Luckily you can also perform the volume check up to 100 URLs. But keep in mind that each URL must be entered on separate line. The status of registered URLs is usually displayed with “Listed” keyword and non registered URLs with “Not Listed”.


You can use DMOZ Listing Checker of by following given steps

  • Click Home button on and click on DMOZ Listing Checker icon that will lead you to the facility.
  • Enter URL(s) in blank box and press Submit button. It is important to note that you can enter upto 100 URLs inserted each separately on line.