The Importance Of Social Signal In SEO

05/05/2017 8:00 PM by Admin in Seo

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Today i am here to post a new article with you guys. In this article we will discuss The Importance Of Social Signal In SEO. About a month before i am searching for the new technique's that how to boost page rank in 2017. And i got a nice result. While people only trust that backlinks is the best and the shortcut way to increase page rank in search engine. But in my opinion this is completely wrong. With Only backlinks you can't rank a keywords on the top of the result. I am talking about those keywords which have high difficulty rate. In my experiment i only work on social signal also you can say him social juice. Like we say link juice. This is also a type of juice for google and other search engine algorithms. 

What is Social Signals?

Social signal is the amount of likes, comments, shares etc. Look when you share your blog on facebook. You will get likes and comments and shared. It will give you social juice. I mention facebook because facebook have large amount of user where you can easily get likes on your blogs posts. If you notice most of the new website are directly get ranked on the top when they posts a new article. But they have low authority. The main response is this Check their facebook pages you will see high amount of likes on their latest blogs. So that's why they are ranked immediately when they share their new article on facebook. 

Most of them are use fb liker website to get likes and comments on their post and get also high signals from facebook. Because google didn't know that how they are got those likes only facebook know about these type of likes. So if you have no likes on your facebook pages. You can use these type of auto liker website to increase facebook likes. The main thing is you just need to increase likes, comments and share on your blog post. So as you can try to increase likes on your new article. Share it in the different group. Not Only facebook it will be awesome if you also use other social network website. 

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