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About Blacklist Lookup

Blacklist Lookup can check any expire domain you are planing for purchase. You need to check expire domain first in this tool for any spam server listing. Nowadays, Internet is abundant with sources (servers sending spam emails) that broadcast spam emails which are becoming headache for Internet users. Fortunately, Internet is continuously pinning out spam email sources that are now known and listed openly. So the list of those known spam email servers is known as blacklist. Employing blacklist against blocking spam emails is advantageous and has been being put into practice by number of businesses.


Modern search engines are being programmed in such manner to block websites that are proved to be attacked by spam. Sometimes, the website subjects to spam attack and webmaster would not know it. Consequently, search engines will block your website by enlisting it into blacklist and webmaster would not know it in this case as well. So it is highly recommended to use Blacklist Lookup tool.


Previously, webmasters went through tremendous problems when recognizing whether search engines have blacklisted IP address of website in quest or not. Now UltraSEOTools is delivering Blacklist Lookup tool that is absolutely free. Our Blacklist Lookup facilitates webmasters by delivering such an outstanding tool for free. Our tool is very easy to use. All you need is to enter URL into text box and press Submit button.


You can use Blacklist Lookup of UltraSEOTools by following given steps:

  • Click Home button on and click on Blacklist Lookup icon that will lead you to facility.
  • Enter URL into text box and press Submit button. Consequently, you will have your results.