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Backlink Maker One of the best online tool for free backlinks. Simply a website citing another website and associating to it is a backlink. For instance, when we access a page in Wikipedia we go through backlinks. A backlink is supposed to be a clickable link. Backlink should not be a URL address. For instance, UltraSEOTools shall not be registered by search engines as a backlink. An underlined UltraSEOTools shall be registered as a backlink. Backlinks are evident as they breathe dissimilar color and are underlined.

Website development has always been interesting, but discovering websites to connect or link your website with was a difficult and time overwhelming. Recognising that Google and many more search engines started utilizing backlinks to rank websites.

Nowadays, marker it abundant with fake companies claiming to be providers of backlinks. Website administrators who employed their services revealed to their terror that the number of backlinks generated were false. Google and many more search engines exposed this cheat and scam. So they commenced qualifying backlinks by punishing websites with fraudulent and spam links.


Observing above phenomena, UltraSEOTools provides Backlink Maker tool that ensures 100 percent genuine and prominent Backlink Maker provision. Our provided backlinks are Google panda and penguin safe. It is important to note that many backlinks provider charge customers for this facility provision.  Most of time they charge you for backlinks and provide you with merely spam links that are of no use to you. UltraSEOTools equip your website with backlinks to boost up your website and yet you have to pay nothing, bingo!


You can use Backlink Maker of UltraSEOTools by following given steps:

  • Click Home button on and click on Free Backlink Maker icon that will lead you to facility.
  • Enter the domain name in the text box and click Submit button. Consequently, our Backlink Maker will start creating backlinks of your website and absolutely free.