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About AVG Antivirus Checker

AVG Antivirus Checker is an online antivirus tool which will help you to check any website security online. Every online data is bared to lots of Internet customers. Consider an example of ordinary website which is accessed and visited by tons of Internet customers. So with this abundance of people browsing your website, there are numerous odds your website being attacked by hackers or being poisoned by malicious software. Malicious software can simply refer to viruses intended to harm your website and computers. With passage of time, AVG has stood higher in prominent antivirus solution providers. AVG is facilitating its personal users with trial versions. Unfortunately, AVG does not offer trial version for websites. It is because web hosting requires sophisticated AVG solutions to scan viruses on web servers.  Fortunately, SEO now enlists AVG Antivirus Checker to check websites against viruses.



Website administration must protect their website from viruses. Viruses can be infused into website and can distribute from there to anywhere i.e. PCs and webservers. The most hazardous thing is that webmaster would know all this happening. Thus, it is imperative for website administration to regularly scan associated website against viruses.  So do not worry, UltraSEOTools provides AVG Antivirus Checker that is absolutely free.

It's easy to use, free, precise, an needs no download. The exclusive characteristic about our AVG Antivirus Checker is that you can scan upto 20 websites for viruses instead of scanning individual websites in succession. Moreover, our tool does waste your time by obliging you for registration.


You can use this tool by following given steps:

  • Click Home button on and click on AVG Antivirus Checker icon that will lead you to facility.
  • Enter URL(s) (upto 20) into blank box and press Submit button. Consequently, our tool will check your website against viruses.